What makes OPDU different?

  • Unlike other brokers that offer varying insurance products, OPDU only provide Pension Trustee Liability and Winding-Up insurance. Our Policies were designed by Trustees, for Trustees, putting us at the forefront of the Trustee indemnity insurance market for nearly 30 years.
  • Our exclusive policy wordings offer higher sub-limits and tailored extensions than most other policies
  • We provide free confidential policy comparisons upon request against any competitive policy to highlight any differences
  • We can offer the full policy limit for Investigation related Claims, as opposed to the low sub-limits seen in other market Policies
  • Our PTL Policy can be converted to a Winding-Up / Run-off Policy in the event of a Scheme closure, buy-out or Retirement of a Trustee Board, negating the need to switch Insurers
  • Our extensive underwriting panel allows us to provide up to £50M of cover per risk
  • We can provide both ongoing and run-off cover for schemes with Professional Trustees
  • We can work collaboratively with Brokers and Consultants to effectively manage any insurance needs as required
  • We are staffed by experienced legal and pensions professionals with many years in the industry.

Risk Explained

OPDU is the leading specialist provider of pensions trustee liability (PTL) and pension scheme winding-up protection in the UK and Ireland.

Our cover is the most extensive in the market and has been specially developed for trust based UK and Irish pension schemes.

OPDU currently protects schemes with assets totalling over £125 billion.

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