Court Application CostsThese are legal costs incurred by trustees in seeking a declaration from the court in relation to a pension scheme. Such costs can be very highYES – Trustees Protected 
Policy Limits up to £60MOPDU can insure up to £60M in coverYES – Trustees Protected 
Third Party Provider Pursuit CostsIf the Pension Scheme uses third party providers such as administrators or advisers such as consultants or professional persons and they make a mistake, the policy will pay the costs of pursuing them for compensationYES – Trustees Protected 
Is the Policy stand alone and separate from any greater corporate insurance in place?If not it is highly likely there will be overall policy limits in place. If there is a significant claim elsewhere, it is possible there will be no protection available for the TrusteesYES – Trustees Protected 
Retired TrusteesOPDU Policy provides lifetime cover to Retired Trustees which means any Trustee or Employee who ceased to hold such office prior to the expiry of the policy, with no requirement that they needed to have held such office during a period in time when the OPDU Policy was in place.YES – Trustees Protected 
Any One Claim BasisMany policies will place an overall aggregate each year to claims made. OPDU’s policy can have the policy limit apply to each claim made in a year rather than an overall limitYES – Trustees Protected 
Exonerated Losses of EmployerPension Scheme Deeds will oblige the Employer to pay for certain losses of the Scheme which result from Trustees actions.YES – Trustees Protected 
Public Relations CostsThese are costs and expenses incurred in preventing or limiting adverse publicity in relation to a Claim.YES – Trustees Protected 
Mitigation CostsThese are costs incurred in taking action to prevent, limit or mitigate exposure to an actual or potential Claim. YES – Trustees Protected 
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